Consumer Cellular APN Settings For Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Galaxy S7

Consumer CellularConsumer Cellular APN settings configuration is the most crucial part if you want to have an internet connection through this network. It is because the network-system is not eligible to give you internet access until you install APN settings on your phone. However, the system usually sends you Consumer Cellular APN settings automatically when you first enter the sim card on your mobile. Even so, sometimes, for some reason, we came to the situation in which we required these settings. For this reason, we are here to help you.

This network provides many services. Firstly, they sell mobile phones, especially all over the US  through which you can text, make calls, send or receive MMS, and use the internet. Secondly, they offer amazing no-contract prepaid plans. It also includes internet plans at cheap rates. This network uses T-mobile and AT&T network to provide wireless services. Don’t be late and install these settings on your phone.

Consumer Cellular APN Settings for Android

The time has come where most of the population of the US  have stopped using android phones, but still, millions of peoples are connected to android phones.

Consumer Cellular is designed in a way to facilitate all people, so it works very well on android phones too. The internet and MMS usage on these phones are best. For all those who want to get Cellular APN settings for android, we have mentioned APN settings down below.

[Consumer Cellular APN Settings for Android Step By Step Guide]

From Applications option, Go to “Settings.”

Now there will be “Connections, “tap on that

After that, select “Mobile Networks. ”

Then go to “Access Point Names. ”

Look for the “+ ” sign or option of “Add New APN” and tap on that.

At last, you will be ready to enter the below settings

Name ConsumerCellular
APN ccdata
Proxy Not Required
Port Not Required
Username Not Required
Password Not Required
Server Not Required
MMS proxy
MMS port 80
MCC 310
MNC 410
Authentication type default, mms

In the end, save these settings.

Consumer Cellular APN Settings Galaxy S7

Sometimes it happens that some mobiles are compatible with specific network infrastructure. Here it is repeating the same with the Galaxy S7. In your s7, you are eligible to use Consumer Cellular GSM, Consumer Cellular HSDPA, and Consumer Cellular LTE. S7 mobile is trendy.

It is not that latest but due to its specifications people still want to buy this. You can enjoy using the internet on this mobile. For all those, we came with the Consumer Cellular APN settings for Galaxy S7 mobile. They are mentioned below

Name Consumer Cellular 1
APN att.mvno
Proxy (Leave Blank)
Port (Leave Blank)
Username (Leave Blank)
Password (Leave Blank)
Server (Leave Blank)
MMSC (Leave Blank)
MMS proxy (Leave Blank)
MMS port (Leave Blank)
MCC (Leave Blank)
MNC (Leave Blank)
Authentication type (Leave Blank)
APN type default,supl
APN protocol IPv4
APN roaming protocol IPv4
Bearer Unspecified
APN PPP phone number Not set

Consumer Cellular APN Settings Windows Phone

Sometimes those who use laptops and computers more, they are fond of windows phone. It is because that the Display and specifications of both these mobiles are the same. The internet on this mobile works fastly and accurately.

If you are a windows phone user, you would need the APN settings configuration in the phone to use the internet through the network. For that purpose, we have mentioned the below APN settings

[Consumer Cellular APN Settings for Windows Phone Step By Step Guide]

In your windows mobile, go to the “App list.”

Now tap on the “Settings.”

After that, choose the “Network and Wireless option.”

Select the “Cellular and Sim”

After going to the “Cellular,” select your “Sim card.”

Then select the “Properties.”

Lastly, under the “Internet APN” select, “Add an Internet APN.”

Now enter the below entries.

Profile name Consumer Cellular 1
APN att.mvno
Username (Leave Blank)
Password (Leave Blank)
Type of sign-in info (Leave Blank)
IP type: IPv4
Proxy server (URL) (Leave Blank)
Proxy port (Leave Blank)

Consumer Cellular APN Settings iPhone

iPhone and other iOs devices are one of the most famous devices in the US and UK. Its features are upgrading day by day. And because of that, other people are also moving to this device. Internet usage is the most user activity in mobiles nowadays. The use of the internet is also delightful.

[Consumer Cellular APN Settings for iPhone Step By Step Guide]

From the home screen, go to the “Settings.”

Now enter on the “Cellular.”

Be sure that you have turned on the “Cellular Data.”

Go to the “Cellular Data Network”

Now in the “Cellular Data” section enter the following settings

Cellular Data:
APN att.mvno
Username Blank
Password Blank
LTE Setup(Optional):
APN Blank
Username Blank
Password Blank
APN att.mvno
Username blank
Password blank
MMS Proxy
MMS Message Size 1048576
MMS UA Prof URL blank

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I not find the “Cellular Data Network” option on my phone?

It is happening because your phone is not unlocked and you won’t be able to modify the APN settings.

How do I know if my Consumer Cellular APN Settings are working?

You can check by looking around the signals. There will be some 3G. 4G, H, GPRS or E symbol.

What else I have to do after saving the settings?

After saving them turn off your data and restart your phone. This will refresh the network.

What can I do if none of the APN settings work for my device?

For this, you can call Consumer Cellular at (888) 345-5509. They will help and assist you in this case.

Will the settings also work on the non-Consumer Cellular phone?

Yes, it will surely work as this is not necessary for one to have the network’s phone.

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