How To Change APN Settings Step By Step Guide

APN is an abbreviation of Access Point Name; it allows you to set up a connection to the gateway between your carrier’s cellular network and the public Internet. An IP address is generated only when your mobile carrier scans APN settings on your device. If you want to establish a secure connection to a private network such as VPS, then you must know your APN settings. It is also significant on the basis of security and privacy.

Usually, APN settings for mobile devices are pre-configured. Your carrier has set all settings by default and you do not require to get confused regarding how to do APN settings on your cell phones. Thanks to our carrier networks that generously have done this part for our ease. But sometimes, there are cases when you may need to edit an APN setting by yourself (though chances are very less).

Here you will learn some illustrations regarding how to change APN settings for your Android or iPhones.

How to change APN settings for Android?

As soon as you insert a sim card on your Android phone, you automatically get connected with your carrier’s network. You can call, send messages, and do all the stuff of your choice. But sometimes, things fall apart and you are not connected.

In such situations, you may need to enter or change your mobile APN settings. Never feel panic because it is super easy to change APN settings on your Android phones.

  • Tap Settings app on your mobile and open Networks & Internet.
  • Then tap Mobile Network.
  • Open Advanced option and select Access Point Names.
  • By tapping the three-dot menu on the upper right side, select New APN. Enter the details provided by your carrier and select Save.

You are done.

Once you enter a new APN, you do not need to change it again unless you switch to another carrier. Mostly all Android phones have the same setting patterns of changing APN settings. Though it sounds very complicated, changing APN settings is not a hardcore thing that you cannot deal with.

How to change APN settings for iPhones?

With incorrect APN settings, you are bound to lose your mobile data connectivity. Therefore it is very essential to follow all your carrier’s instructions to enter a correct APN setting.

If you want to view your mobile’s APN settings, then you will find it from one of the following locations:

  • Settings > Cellular > Cellular data options > Cellular Network
  • Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options > Mobile Data Network

You can change APN settings in every field by tapping every field and entering the details form your carrier. With every iOS update, default APN settings will be restored. So, you might need to reset your settings after your iPhone gets updated.

If you want to make changes in your iPhone’s APN settings in an enterprise environment, then your mobile device administrator will help you in changing your APN. Or he may do it for you by himself. He will use Apple Configurator, macOS Server Profile Manager to reset, edit or change APN settings.

How To Change Apn Settings On Your Devices?

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