How To Unlock Verizon APN Settings

Verizon is a famous wireless telecommunication brand in the United States. It provides telecommunication products and services to its valued customers. It is a strong platform to get access to 3G and 4G services of Verizon handsets perfectly. It is one of the most demanding wireless products in the US. Verizon APN settings are one of the ways to get access to mobile phones.

It is simple to do manually using the codes given by Verizon. But what else if you buy a Verizon mobile and suddenly you know it is locked. In other words, locked Verizon mobiles do not allow you to change the APN settings manually.  How to unlock Verizon APN settings? It is easy to understand but after knowing some important things about Verizon.

Reason to unlock Verizon:

It is important to know why you need to unlock your Verizon mobile phone. Generally, there are two simple reasons to do so. One you like Verizon but don’t want to use it as a carrier. The other one could be you want to sell your phone to someone else and need code to unlock.

Know about Verizon mobile:

Now the next step to know Why your Verizon mobile is locked? It may have several reasons but two major reasons could be:

Prepaid Services

iPhone 3G world device

These kinds of Verizon mobile need to unlocked. They are not unlocked at the time of buying. The postpaid mobiles and regular 3G services are completely unlocked by Verizon. But still, if you feel any problem in postpaid mobiles, you must contact Verizon customer services at 1-888-294-6804 on your mobiles.

How to Unlocked Verizon mobile?

Nothing to worry! Your Verizon prepaid mobile is locked because of activated on the original network. After some specific time span, prepaid sets unlocked automatically. Normally, the time period could be up to 12 months. You can use the network carrier on your Verizon mobile and after the specific time, you can switch to another network provider.

Verizon unlock code

Once, you have passed the specific time period or after your payments are done; your Verizon mobile is ready to unlock. Simply insert a new sim card and enter the following Verizon unlock code.

  • 000000
  • 123456

In case of any problem, directly call Verizon at the customer support number or dial *611 to solve the problem. These unlock codes are easy to remember as well as applied on both prepaid mobiles and iPhone 3G handsets too.


Do I unlock Verizon mobile manually?

Yes, you can unlock Verizon mobile manually. Make sure about the type of your mobile. Because  Verizon prepaid mobiles remain locked till a specific time period. Once the time ends, your device will ready to unlock.

How do I know that my Verizon device is locked?

Normally, Verizon locked devices fall into two categories. One is prepaid services and the other is an iPhone 3G device. Most of the time, Verizon postpaid devices are unlocked and having new issues in using other network services.

What is the difference between locked and unlocked Verizon mobile?

The locked Verizon devices do not allow to change the APN settings. You will not able to use any other mobile network services if your mobile is locked. These restrictions are not followed by unlocked mobiles. Normally, postpaid Verizon mobiles fall in this category.

Does there any specific unlocked policies followed by Verizon?

Yes, Verizon has specific unlocked policies that must be followed to unlock your device. The policy contains some specific rules. These rules must be followed by customers as well as retailers too. As policy rules expired the mobile will be ready to unlock. The polices can be a check on the website link of Verizon.

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