Lebara KSA Al ALAMY V plans

Lebara KSA Al ALAMY V plans

Finding a good telephone network that offers a clear network to have fun chat and talk with loved ones is hard these days. When you find a great telecom service then often comes the problem of finding a single plan which can fit your needs.

My friends you don’t need to wander around anymore because Lebara is offering you everything you need to have good communication with your friends and family under a single roof.

Clear voice quality, fast-speed internet, and a great selection of plans for you are provided to you by Lebara because making its customer’s life easy is Lebara’s priority.

I am going to shed light on Al ALAMY plans offered by Lebara.


PlanPriceInetrnet DataLocal MinutesSubscriptionValidity
AL ALAMY V 99 125 SAR 20 GB 600 Minutes Click Here to Activate 30 Days

If you are looking for a plan to cover all your phone-related basic needs but don’t want to splash your hard-earned money on covering your mobile bill then you are in for a treat my friends.

It is a budget-friendly plan for all those people whose phone usage is at bay and just need a plan to fulfill basic needs. You can have a nice talk with your loved ones often and make that day memorable for you.

This plan covers all your needs with great clarity of voice and high-speed internet and won’t burn a hole in your wallet either.

Find the detailed information on this plan below.

Local minutes

Don’t be afraid of being charged heavily while dialing a number because this plan has 600 minutes to offer to make local calls. Now enjoy a smooth tension free talk with your loved ones and have the best conversation of your life.

Internet data

Without Internet data a plan is not complete in today’s modern world, so you will get 20GB of data in this plan so you can browse, enjoy social media life, stream a good movie, have fun playing games online, and have the best time of your life.


PlanPriceInetrnet DataSocial Media DataLocal MinutesSubscriptionValidity
AL ALAMY V 225 225 SAR 100 GB Unlimited Data 1000 Minutes Click Here to Activate 30 Days

The freedom to make lengthy calls, stay connected with the online world, and get a good chat with friends at cheap prices is a blessing.

Lebara offers all those things in this plan so you can have long heartily talks with your loved ones and at the same time never have to worry about staying up to date with everything going around the world.

This wholesome plan checks all the boxes which fulfill the requirements regarding smartphones in today’s world at an affordable price.

Take a look at the details of this amazing plan below.

Local minutes

Pick your phone and dial as many numbers as you want and talk your heart out and gossip as much as you want because this plan offers 1000 minutes for all the networks nationwide.

Internet Data

The Internet has become a necessity these days. Now you can browse,  stream movies, play games, upload and download because this plan gives 100GB of data for this purpose.

Social Media

Since life has moved to social media and you can keep tabs on the latest activities of your loved ones so it only seems logical that you should get data for social media. This plan has made it possible by offering unlimited data for social media consumption. Now you can upload, download, and stay connected online as much as you want.


PlanPriceInternet DataSocial Media DataLocal MinutesLocal SMSSubscriptionValidity
AL ALAMY V 339 399 SAR Unlimited Data Unlimited Data Unlimited Minutes 399 SMS Click Here to Activate 30 Days

If you own a business then you must have to make a lot of calls have to keep your phone connected to the Internet so you don’t miss anything, but this could get expensive and you wish if only there has to be a plan which can fill your needs without ripping you off.

Well my friend you are in luck and your prayers have been answered because Lebara has just the plan for your special needs and the price will blow your mind.

This plan has everything you are looking for and you can put your search at ease as this plan has everything you have been searching for.

Take a glance at the details of this plan below.

Local Minutes

Whether for making short but frequent calls or long calls you shouldn’t have to think twice before dialing because this plan has you covered by providing unlimited minutes to make calls at any number nationwide and have a good long talk to your family and friends without thinking about pressing the disconnect button.

Local SMS

Chat with your friends and gossip as much as you want because you have quotas of 399 SMS for this in this plan. Now all my friends who enjoy chatting can have fun and enjoy life.

Internet Data

Since the internet has taken over the world and has taken a hold of every walk of life so it has become a necessity today. This plan took care of that and included unlimited data in this bundle so you can browse, stream movies, play games online and never have to put a full stop on the fun due to data shortage.

Social Media

Social media is a platform that has brought the world to your fingertips and allows you to stay connected with your family and friends and keep yourself up-to-date with their well-being and achievements. This plan offers unlimited data so you don’t miss any updates on your loved ones and keep posting online so your loved ones stay updated on your well-being.

AL ALAMY V 99 Click Here to Activate
AL ALAMY V 225 Click Here to Activate
AL ALAMY V 339 Click Here to Activate

How can I use Lebara Internet while abroad?

Roaming is automatically activated on your Lebara SIM card as soon as you arrive at your destination, outside of KSA.

How do I make International Calls?

To make an International call, remember that the number you dial must consist of the international code, followed by the country code and the phone number.

If I switch to Hawakom from another Lebara package will I get the free data?

Yes, when you switch from another Lebara package you will get the extra data like a new customer.

How can I turn on Auto-renewal?

Auto-renewal is available using your credit card, stress-free seamless renewals can be activated by visiting the Lebara Mobile APP.

How do I Obtain a Lebara Micro or Nano SIM?

If you use a standard Lebara SIM card and you wish to obtain a Micro or Nano SIM card for your Smartphone, please visit your local store.

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