To get the best experience when travelling abroad, we always recommend that you recharge with enough credit from within the KSA before you travel. You will not be able to find a recharge voucher while away from KSA, however if you happen to get hold of a voucher while abroad and need to recharge you will be able to so using our USSD code.

what is the USSD code to recharge while in abroad?

If you dial *111* Scratch card number* ID number#, then press call, the recharge will be applied onto your SIM.

How can I track my internet usage?

To get the best experience from your Lebara SIM card, we recommend that you register to our online service called MyLebara.
View My Usage You can search previous calls, SMS, data, as well as recharge history over the last 3 months, view it or even download the information for your own records.

Data Net Saver 500Mb Dial *666*24#
Data Net Saver 1GB Dial *666*301#
Data Net Saver 5GB Dial *777*51#
Data Net Saver Youtube Dial *777*019#
Data Net Saver Social Dial *666*001#
Daily Net Saver Data Dial *777*01#