Giffgaff Balance Check – Step By Step Guide

Giffgaff is a mobile network. It is running as Mobile Virtual Network Operator. It is famous for its 3g and 4g networks. They provide cheap rated calls and texts. It also provides free sim. It is a very affordable network as it also has very good packages. In this era, it has become very difficult to earn so everyone wants to reduce their expenses.

This network provides a good way to maintain contact with our relatives and friends. Every mobile network needs balance to make a call or text. We are providing you a dozen ways to check your balance. Let’s have a look.

Giffgaff Balance Check Via MMI/USSD Code

MMI/USSD & TEXT code has always been our favorite way to check our balance. It is the quickest method. It shows our balance within seconds. We just have to dial the code on our dialer and tap to call, our balance details will be in front of our screens. *100#

Giffgaff Balance Check Via Voicemail

As there are many ways to check our balance, there is the second one. If you are not able to check your balance via USSD code then you can also check your balance via voicemail. You just have to dial the following number after that, choose option 2. After 2 seconds you will hear your current balance and goody bag status.

Giffgaff Balance Check Via Online App

Yes, peeps, you are thinking right. This is the third method to check your giffgaff balance. For many, this is the most reliable method as you don’t need balance for this. Yes, This is free of cost. You just need wifi or 3g/4g data because this is an online app. This app comes with many more features.

GIiffgaff Balance Check by Logging Account

There are millions of people in the world and each has a different thinking. Each person works with a different method and the method that seems easy to them. So we are providing you dozens of ways. One more method is here for you. Just log in to your account online on Giffgaff ‘s official website. Dashboard’s link for logging into an account is given below. If you have not registered yourself yet, Then you can also register yourself here.


How to check usage of my current plan?
You can check usage of your current plan by logging to your account here.
How to share credit to friends account using a top-up voucher?
If you want to add credit to some other phone with your mobile then dial 43430. After that select option 1 then follows the voicemail.
How can I check my plans?
You can check your plan by dialing this USSD code. *100*7#
how to check my calls/texts expiry date? My call and texts expired and I didn’t know. How to check their expiry date?
We are here to help you. Don’t worry just dial this USSD code.*100*1#
What is giffgaff helpline number?
This is the helpline number. You can call them by dialing this in the dialer. 01132 023 939.

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