Three Balance Check – Step By Step Guide

We are living in a world where we always want to remain connected to our family and friends. Three makes it easy for us as it is a mobile network that also provides the best 3g and 4g networks. It has also developed a 5g network but are not common yet as it is new.

Three is the worldwide brand name and the UK’s fastest-growing network. It is a telecommunication company. It also provides internet services. Many broadband internet providers operate under three.

Their internet services are so fast that is why it is mostly renowned for its internet services. It has its own infrastructure of networks. It is mostly renowned as 3g and 4g network provider. Three also provides strong and advanced handsets of Android or Mac with their free deals.

If you are using three sims and are having issues in checking your balance and allowance details then there would be no more issues. We will provide you with all the balance checking codes and ways to check your balance. We always want to provide you with the best knowledge. Let’s see those codes.

Three Balance Check Via Voicemail

This is one of the easy methods for balance checking. You can also check your balance via voicemail. It is a quick way to check balance. You just have to enter the code that is given below and voicemail of your balance details will start. It may charge you a little bit.

Three Credit Check Via Voicemail
Here is the number: 1744

Three Balance Check Via TEXT-USSD Code

If you have some problem on your mobile’s speaker and u could not hear that voicemail then still no worry. One more method is waiting for you. You can also check your balance by dialing Number. In this method you just have to enter the number that is given below in the dialer and press call button, Your all balance details will be on your screen.

Three Credit Check Via MMI-USSD Code
Here is the Number: 1745

Three Balance Check Via Online Website Account

Everything is getting advanced and telecommunication is developing day by day. Now you can check your balance online on their official My3 website by logging to your account. You can click Check Account Balance beneath Account balance on My3 homage.

You can let yourself know how much balance do you have by checking your balance. If you don’t have My3 account then you can register yourself here. If you already have registered yourself then you can log in to your account on their website from here.

Three Balance Check via Online APP

In my opinion, Mobile app is the best way to check your balance. You just have to open the app and your balance or other allowance details would be there. Three mobile apps come with many more features. You can also pay bills, check your call history and many more things with this app. You just need the internet for this. It would not cost you, not even a penny of you.
Here is the My3 online app.


How can I order Three sims online?

You can easily order your three mobile sims by dialling this number. 0800 033 8009.

Why my Three sims is not working on my old phone?

Three sims is compatible only in 3g or 4g mobile phones. If your mobile is too old to not to be compatible with 3g or 4g then your sim won’t work on that phone.

How to check if my mobile is 3g compatible?

To check if your mobile is compatible for 3g or not, text ‘MOBILE’ to 78333 (Free).

How can I check my balance usage history?

You can check your balance usage history via Online My3 App.

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