ASDA Mobile Call, Sms & Internet PAYG Standard Rates

ASDA Mobile is an international information technology company. It covers millions of customers around the world only because of its reasonable price and beneficial packages. And I am here to give you details about ASDA Mobile PAYG standard rates. PAYG regards to Pay As You Go system. Pay As You Go is widely used because of its benefit that if you subscribe, it will prevent you from more charges deduction per enactment. I am going to list ASDA PAYG rates below, with their countries.

ASDA Mobile PAYG Standard Rates

It is the portion where I am going to give you details about ASDA Mobile PAYG rates descriptively. Below are its details, check it.

Calls to UK mobiles & landlines 8p per min
Texts 4p
MMS 25p
Data/GPRS 5p per MB
Voicemail 8p per min
Access to an automated helpline Free*
Customer Service Centre Free*
0800/0808 Free*
Other service numbers 8p per min access charge + service charge
Non-mobile 07 numbers 75p per min

ASDA Mobile Standard Rates For USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand

In this portion, I have mentioned all ASDA Mobile Pay As You Go rates for the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. I have enlisted all its information below in the form of a table for your comfort that you can easily get quick information. Check it.

ASDA MobileFrom EUFrom USA / Canada / Australia / New ZealandFrom rest of the world
Calls to UK (per min) 8p 87p £1.49
Calls in-country (per min) 8p 87p £1.49
Calls in European destinations (per min) 8p 87p £1.49
Calls to US / Canada / Australia / NZ (per min) 40p 87p £1.49
Calls to rest of world (per min) £1.20 £1.20 £1.49
Receiving a call (per min) Free* 87p £1.49
Sending a text (per text) 4p 40p 40p
Receiving a text (per text) Free* 20p 20p
Sending an MMS (per MMS) 25p 25p 25p
Receiving an MMS (per MMS) Free* Free* Free*
Data per MB 5p £7.50 £7.50
2732 from your Asda Mobile Free* Free* Free*

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