Lebara Mobile KSA National Local Pass Plans With Full Dtails & Easy Activation Codes

Set aside cash without duties to make further payments in the future with Lebara Mobile KSA National Local Pass Plans, when you purchase Local Pass, with price as low as just SAR 10 every month. Pick the arrangement that suits you best as there are multiple options and each with its own set of perfect price and offers. Get national minutes versatile web perusing all on one Line.

Lebara Local Pass incorporates minutes to call landlines and mobiles in Saudi Arabia, Lebara to Lebara minutes and Mobile information and is substantial for 30 days from enactment.

Any International calls or SMS utilization will be charged from your Main Account equalization as indicated by the standard Lebara Package rates, On the expiry date, your arrangement won’t be consequently restored. In the event that you have adequate credit, you can generally buy a Local Pass whenever you like.

Lebara Local Pass 10 SAR Plan

Lebara KSA National Local Pass Plans are continually watching out to bring you ease while searching for perfect Lebara Internet Packages. We thus present to you the best arrangements at the best costs.

Look on and be astonished at the worth being given on spending at the plan. Local Pass 10 SAR is an uncommon idea for essential connecting needs being given to you on a financial limit.

Local Pass 10 SAR SAR 10 250 MB to browse mobile internet 50 minutes to call any network Dial *777*3001# 30 Days

Lebara Local Pass 20 SAR Plan

Contingent upon the connection for our most essential affirmation needs is now simple and easily accessible, as Lebara makes contacts perusing simple, by bringing the most reasonable Packages of Lebara Local Pass arrangement in the best of costs. Pass 20 SAR is also one such offer that helps you connect.

Local Pass 20 SAR SAR 20 500 MB to browse mobile internet 120 minutes to call any network Dial *777*3002# 30 Days

Lebara Local Pass 30 SAR Plan

On a post surfing food for thoughts, or need assistance with homework. Considering perusing other recipes or just choices to cook. Perusing up on business news or basically worried about happenings all around the world.

Load upon Local Pass 30 SAR brought to you by Lebara KSA National offers series, and never bargain on your perusing needs again.

Local Pass 30 SAR SAR 30 1.5GB to browse mobile internet 150 minutes to call any network Dial *777*3030# 30 Days

Lebara Local Pass 50 SAR Plan

Need help while in transit to someplace or need to make straightforward connection reservations. need to book yourself a ride or need to look up the transport plan.

Need assistance with difficult study issues or need to gain some new useful knowledge on the web. every one of these necessities requires quick 4G speed web, call needs, SMS needs, which is presently given by Local Pass 50 SAR offer. Hurry up and gain on spending plan.

Local Pass 55 SAR SAR 55 8GB to browse mobile internet 250 minutes to call any network Dial *777*3003# 28 Days

Lebara Local Pass 50 SAR Plus Plan

From our lot of Unique bargain offers, we provide you with all that is essential to fulfil your unique needs and bring to you the best browsing and connecting experience.

Local Pass 50 SAR Plus is also one such offer. which is an amazing deal to bring you the best of all offers combined together.

Local Pass 55 SAR Plus SAR 55 for 3 Months Subscription and SAR 165 for Only 1 Month Subscription 8GB to browse mobile internet 250 minutes to call any network Dial *777*30031# 30 Days

Lebara Local Pass 70 SAR Plan

The most affordable plans at the best price and quality. we bring to you Local Pass 70 SAR, the perfect blend of all of your connectivity needs in one place. join on and enjoy the best telecommunication service experience like never before.

Local Pass 70 SAR SAR 70 12GB to browse mobile internet 350 minutes to call any network Dial *777*3070# 30 Days

Lebara Local Pass 90 SAR Plan

If you are still not happy with all the top offers given as of now in Lebara versatile KSA Local Pass Series, your fulfilment and uniqueness is a top need of Lebara and everything else is second, we, along these lines, declare to you our last and best substantial offer in the name of Local Pass 90 SAR.

Local Pass 90 SAR SAR 90 20GB to browse mobile internet 900 minutes to call any network Dial *777*3005# 30 Days

Lebara Mobile KSA National Local Pass Easy Subscription Codes

Local Pass 10 SAR Dial *777*3001#
Local Pass 20 SAR Dial *777*3002#
Local Pass 30 SAR Dial *777*3030#
Local Pass 50 SAR Dial *777*3003#
Local Pass 50 SAR Plus Dial *777*30031#
Local Pass 70 SAR Dial *777*3070#
Local Pass 90 SAR Dial *777*3005#


If I switch to Hawakom from another Lebara package will I get the free data?

Yes, when you switch from another Lebara package you will get the extra data like a new customer.

How do I Obtain a Lebara Micro or Nano SIM?

If you use a standard Lebara SIM card and you wish to obtain a Micro or Nano SIM card for your Smartphone, please visit your local store.

How can i activate roaming on my Lebara sim card?

Roaming is automatically activated on your Lebara SIM card as soon as you arrive to your destination, outside of KSA.

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