Lycamobile Netherlands Bundles, National, International & Internet Plans with Text Codes

No one can imagine their lives today without technology as it has become the essence of our life. There would be very few people who still don’t have any knowledge about it; otherwise, almost the whole world is very well acquainted with it. Now it has become a habit of ours and made our life so easy that we don’t even know how to function in the absence of it.

For instance, take an example of a cell phone which would have thought that such a small thing would be able to do such big ideas and help us in conducting our activities. Not only it assists us in our actions but also saves the time that we can surf in other activities. We can make several calls and send emails through it. Not only that, but it is also the source of our entertainment.

But this all does not come free you have to pay for something, and for the phone, you have to pay for its network service. Choosing a network service is also essential as we want something that provides us with the best coverage but also is not making a dent on your bank account.

For that, Lycamobile has got you covered. Lycamobile is mobile coverage providing service that is introducing its greater plan every day to get you out of your dilemma of a good network. Below we are going to talk about what Lyca mobile is providing for Netherland citizens.

National Bundles

Our daily activities do have some essence of technology in it. Like whenever we get up, we check out the phone if we have some critical work to do some important call to take or some email to send. Then as the day progress, we have to do different things that also involve a phone. We make several phone calls in a day, whether it is at work, whether it is to some friend or whether it is to home telling, then when are you coming home.

In making all these calls, a lot of credit is wasted. It is also another dilemma because making phone call ios relevant, so what to do? Well, Lyca mobile Netherland has some best deals for you. Its national bundles especially made for the Netherlands nationals so that they don’t have any problems in performing their day to day regime.

Lycamobile Netherlands has a wide variety of national bundles to choose from. All are affordable and pocket friendly with different options. They start from 7 euro to 30 euro. And have the opportunity of not only national minutes option but also Data and SMS options.

Below are some Bundles that you can check out:

PlanPriceDATASMSMinutesLyca to LycaSubscription CodeValidity
Holland Bundle S Plus € 15.00 7GB+2GB Extra internet DATA Unlimited national SMS Unlimited national mins Unlimited lyca to lyca mins & texts Dial *139*81075# or text 81075 to 3535 30 days
Holland Bundle XS € 10.00 3 GB + 2GB bouns internet DATA Unlimited national SMS Unlimited national mins Unlimited lyca to lyca mins & texts Dial *139*2001# or text 2001 to 3535 30 days
Holland Bundle L € 25.00 15GB+3GB Extra internet DATA Unlimited national SMS Unlimited national mins Unlimited lyca to lyca mins & texts Dial *139*81025# or text 81025 to 3535 30 days
Holland Bundle M € 20.00 10GB+2BG Extra internet DATA Unlimited national SMS Unlimited national mins Unlimited lyca to lyca mins & texts Dial *139*81000# or text 81000 to 3535 30 days
Holland Super Bundle € 30.00 35GB internet DATA Unlimited national SMS Unlimited national mins Unlimited lyca to lyca mins & texts Dial *139*81030# or text 81030 to 3535 30 days

Does all the bundle provide unlimited national minutes?

Yes, all the bundles provide with unlimited national minutes.

Do we also have the option of international minutes?

No, as these are national bundles, so no international minutes option.

What is Holland Bundle M Plan?

This plan is for 20 euros and gives you 10GB of internet data and unlimited national Mins and SMS.

Internet Bundles

Are you an avid fan of watching movies or using youtube? Imagine you watching a movie, and the climax is about to happen, and then all of a sudden, your network got disconnected, or your data ended. It sucks right. Well, this all Wouldnt have happened if you have chosen some good coverage data option then going for some common and expensive one which cost more and performance is like nothing. You still have time to change that. How?

The answer is Lycamobile Data bundles. The Lyca Netherland has some great data bundles for you that are according to your need. Whether you are a heavy internet user or just use for some social media purpose, Lyca has got you covered.

There are five bundles to choose from. Starting from 5Euros to 30 Euros, also with some bonus options. The highest-rated package gives you 7GB internet with the bonus of 3GB Data.

Below are some bundles for you:

PlanPriceDATASubscription CodeValidity
Data XS Plan € 5.00 500MB internet DATA Dial *139*11150# 30 days
Data M Plan € 10.00 1GB + 2GB bouns internet DATA Dial *139*111000# 30 days
Data XM Plan € 15.00 2GB + 3GB bouns internet DATA Dial *139*2015# 30 days
Data L Plan € 20.00 5GB + 3GB bouns internet DATA Dial *139*3201# 30 days
Data XL Plan € 30.00 7GB + 3GB bouns internet DATA Dial *139*3202# 30 days

What does the lowest Data bundle provide?

The lowest data bundle gives you 500 MB of internet Data in just 5 euros.

How many data bundles are there? 

There is a total of 5 Data bundles.

International Bundles

Running a business chain isn’t that easy as it sounds. You have to be in and pout of the country several times in months so that everything runs smoothly. Aside from that, several calls emails and meetings are always on the way.

Lycamobile makes it possible that everything runs smoothly. It has come up with some great plans that can help you run your business without any disruptions and help you make calls whenever you want, whether it is national or international. And the best part is you do not have to update every week one-time investment and your good for a month.

It has packages that let you talk to people from around 45 countries aside from that it also has some region-based plans that rare fro those specific countries. So if you have your business in some particular country, you can also take those plans.

These countries include Morroco, Nigeria, and Pakistan, so if you have some loved ones living in these countries, you can easily talk to them without worrying about the credit of your phone.

Below are some plans that can help you:

PlanPriceDATASMSMinutesLyca to LycaSubscription CodeValidity
EU Plus S € 10.00 2GB internet DATA Unlimited lyca to lyca texts 500 mins to selected countries Unlimited lyca to lyca mins Dial *139*1414# or text 1414 to 3535 30 days
EU Plus M € 20.00 5GB internet DATA Unlimited lyca to lyca texts Unlimited mins to selected countries Unlimited lyca to lyca mins & texts Dial *139*1415# or text 1415 to 3535 30 days
All in 1 M € 20.00 5GB internet DATA 100 SMS to 45 countries Unlimited mins to 45 countries Unlimited lyca to lyca mins & texts Dial *139*3020# or text 3020 to 3535 30 days
All in 1 L € 30.00 35GB internet DATA Unlimited national & 100 SMS to 45 countries Unlimited national mins & Unlimited mins to 45 countries Unlimited lyca to lyca mins & texts Dial *139*3001# or text 3001 to 3535 30 days
Morocco Orange S € 10.00 NONE NONE 60 Mins to Morocco Orange Mobile NONE Dial *139*810# or text 810 to 3535 30 days
Morocco Orange M € 20.00 NONE NONE 150 Mins to Morocco Orange Mobile NONE Dial *139*820# or text 820 to 3535 30 days
International Plus € 10.00 1GB internet DATA NONE 300 mins to PK & BD or 100 mins to turkey or 30 mins to Morocco or 75 Minutes to Afghanistan NONE Dial *139*510# or text 510 to 3535 30 days
Nigeria Plan S € 10.00 NONE NONE 120 mins to Nigeria or National NONE Dial *139*1419# or text 1419 to 3535 30 days
Pakistan Plan € 15.00 NONE NONE Unlimited mins to call pakistan NONE Dial *139*888# or text 888 to 3535 30 days

What is the subscription code of the Pakistan Plan?

You can Dial *139*888# or Text 888 to 3535.

What does All in 1 L Plan comprise of?

All in one L gives you 50GB data, unlimited national and international minutes, and SMS to 45counteries.

What is the next time that I have to renew the plan?

You will have to renew your plan after  30 days.

Terms and Condition

  • A customer can purchase up to four plans in each plan category; Each plan has its expiry.
  • The national bundles are subjected to be auto-renewed after 30 days.
  • Any unused data will be expired as the normal one expires.
  • Any illegal and unethical activity will result in immediate suspension of service.
  • The customer should have enough balance in his account if he wants his plan to renew.

How can I receive texts with Lycamobile offers and promotions?

To receive offers and promotions, text YES to 3232.

Where can I buy a Lycamobile SIM?

You can purchase Lycamobile SIM and top-up Vopuchers at various locations.

What is MY Lycanmobile?

My Lucamobile is a way of monitoring your calls and texts online.

Can I keep/transfer my existing mobile number?

Visit the transfer your page and transfer your number to Lycamobile network for free.

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