Lycamobile Russia Bundles, National, International & Internet Plans

Picking up the best cell phone is tricky as you have to choose which is going to suit best for your job. But picking the best cell phone provider is even more difficult as you have to choose something that is going to get your job done with ease. Picking up a cell network provider that not only offers your best coverage but also is less burdensome on your pocket is an important decision.

Choosing the best network is quite essential, especially for business-oriented persons, as it is not only going to help you make calls but is also going to affect the business positively or negatively. Lycamobile is the solution to your problems as it not only provides you with the best packages but even at the best rates.

Lycamobile is providing its service to around 15 million people around the world and still expanding its services to the maximum. It is loved immensely and is being used in 23 countries because it provides the best coverage and more excellent plans to choose from.

Here we are going to talk about how it is providing benefits to Russian citizens by its incredible plans.

Lycamobile Russia (International Bundles)

Do you live in Russian because of some studies or work purposes? Missing your family too much? Want to talk to them?

But alas, your call is always disrupted due to poor connection because of your blasted network. Well, then it is time to change your system and switch to the more suitable one.  Switch your network to Lycamobile, Russia. As it is not only convenient but also it provides you the best international plans that are not only going to benefit you call wise but also internet wise.

Lycamobile Russia provides you with two very best National packages that contain all from minutes to DATA to SMS. No investment needed after every week; all you have to do is spend one time on your plan, enjoying its benefit for the whole of the month. The plans start from 250 Ruble to 500 Ruble and give you the option of national and international minutes and also good Data options and SMS options.

All of them have a validity of 30 days, and after 30 days, they’ll automatically renew if you have enough credit in your account.

Below in the table are the national packages:

PlanPriceDATASMS MinutesLyca to LycaSubscription CodeValidity
Combo Plan ₽ 250.00 15GB internet DATA 20 national SMS 400 national mins To all carriers of Russia & 100 international mins Unlimited lyca to lyca calls & texts Dial *139*2025# 30 days
Combo GRAND Plan ₽ 350.00 40GB internet DATA 30 national SMS To all carriers of Russia 750 national mins To all carriers of Russia & 100 international mins Unlimited lyca to lyca calls & texts Dial *139*2035# 30 days

What is the price of the combo GRAND Plan?

For the first month, its price is 350 Rubles, but its regular price is 500 Rubles.

What are the Subscription code and validity of the combo plan?

The validity of every plan is 30 days, and the subscription code for the combo plan is:
Dial *139*2025#.

Lycamobile Russia (Internet Bundles)

Along with other services, Lycamobile Russia also provides you with the best Data plans on the best rates.

To stay connected, we also need the internet as along with calls to keep connected to our loved ones; we also need to stay connected with the rest of the earth. We have to be updated with all the latest fashion trends, new researches being conducted, further info about the universities, new business strategies and politics, and a lot more. And this is all done by the help os social media and news websites like BBC, CNN, twitter Facebook, and a lot more other webs.

To get access to all these, we need a good internet connection. And for that, Lyca has stepped up to provide its Data services across the globe.

Lyca mobile Russia gives you the option of 4 plans designed to fulfill every demand of a customer. It goes from lowest to highest price along with increasing GB options and also gives you the advantage of unlimited Lyca to Lyca calls. The Gb option are 3GB, 5GB, 8GB and 25GB. So these are ideal for normal to avid users.

BElow in the table are the data packages. You can choose according to your liking:

PlanPriceDATALyca to LycaSubscription CodeValidity
Data S Plan ₽ 150.00 3GB internet DATA Unlimited lyca to lyca calls & texts Dial *139*1001# 30 days
Data M Plan ₽ 300.00 5GB internet DATA Unlimited lyca to lyca calls & texts Dial *139*1002# 30 days
Data L Plan ₽ 500.00 8GB internet DATA Unlimited lyca to lyca calls & texts Dial *139*1003# 30 days
Data XL Plan ₽ 1000.00 25GB internet DATA Unlimited lyca to lyca calls & texts Dial *139*1004# 30 days

Which plan provides you with the highest Internet option?

The Data XL Plan gives you the highest data option, but it is also on a slightly expensive side. It provides you u25GBs of data at 1000 Rubles.

Does any bundle provide unlimited data options?

No, there is not an option like that in any plan.

What is the most economical Data bundles?

The most economical data bundle is Data S Plan that is only for 150 Rubles and provides 3GB internet data.

Terms and Condition

  • The illegal and abusive application will result in immediate suspension of your account.
  • A customer can only have one plan.
  • You can cancel your plan anytime you want.
  • We will inform you about your usage of the package.

Frequently Asked Question

Are there any monthly or hidden charges?

No, there are no extra charges aside from your purchased plan.

How can I find my Lycamonile number?

Once you have inserted your sim, Lyca sim dial *132# 0r (95#).

My sim card is stolen what to do?

Contact customer support or dial 980 immediately so that our advisors can help you.

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