Lycamobile South Africa Bundles, National International & Internet Packages

A lot of telecommunication services are coming forward these days as networking has become vital for our life. Half of our daily activities fulfilled with the help of a hone, which, of course, uses some kind of telecommunication service to conduct our operations. For example, a lot of us are fond of fast foods, but all cannot go outside whenever they want to get a pizza whenever we are craving for so definitely we do it on our phone. But for it, we also need some excellent networking services that can do work of our choice without causing problems.

So here is one service that is already quite popular in big countries but is still expanding at a massive rate. And that is Lycamobile Service. Lycamobile is a mobile service providing company that formed in 2006 to help people who are having networking problems. It is for both pre-paid and postpaid users.

The biggest mission of this company is to connect people all around the world and provide some best plans at meager rates. There plan consists of DATA plans and national and international plans. There is quite a lot of variety to choose from, all of them designed as such to fulfill all the demands of everyone.

So here we are going to talk about what Lycamobile has in store for the people of South Africa.

Lycamobile South Africa (National & International Bundles)

After high school, students have to move out of their homes because of study purposes. Some get admissions in unis that are in their own countries, some move out of their home countries and settle into others. Living away from your loved ones is very difficult and more difficult when you are in some other countries. At those times, one source to get connected to them is a phone call.

So whether you are in some other town of south Africa or out of the country, Lyca Mobile has devised some national and international plans that are going to benefit you and help you in staying connected to your home. Aside from that, they also provide you with some flexible data options that are going to help you ion your homework and study so that the purpose you are away from your home fulfilled quickly.

This category comprises of 5 plans starting from R 29.00 to R 499. All provide you with Data options along with international minutes. While for international options, three bundles provide you with international minutes options depending upon your choice, how much do you want the plan.

Below in the table you can check the both bundles:

PlanPriceDATASMSMinutesLyca to LycaSubscription CodeValidity
National 29 Plan R 29.00 100 MB internet DATA 300 national SMS 30 national mins 300 lyca to lyca minutes & 300 lyca to lyca texts Dial *139*1029# or text 1029 to 3535 30 days
National 99 Plan R 99.00 1 GB internet DATA 300 national SMS 100 national mins 100 lyca to lyca mins & 300 lyca to lyca texts Dial *139*1099# or text 1099 to 3535 30 days
ALL IN ONE S Plan R 199.00 3 GB internet DATA 100 national SMS 100 national & international mins 100 lyca to lyca minutes Dial *139*2710# or text 2710 to 3535 30 days
ALL IN ONE M Plan R 329.00 7 GB internet DATA 500 national SMS 500 national & international mins 500 lyca to lyca minutes Dial *139*2715# or text 2715 to 3535 30 days
ALL IN ONE L Plan R 499.00 10 GB internet DATA 700 national SMS 700 national & international mins 700 lyca to lyca minutes Dial *139*2720# or text 2720 to 3535 30 days

Are there any separate international bundles?

No, there are not any separate international bundles. You can check the above plans because they contain both options.

What is the best plan for an office worker?

Office workers have to make a lot of calls both in the and out of the country, so the ALL IN ONE L PLAN is the best for you as it provides a lot of both minutes.

Don’t need international minutes which plan to choose?

If you do not need international plans, then two ideas are best for you:

  • National 29 plan
  • National 99 Plan

Lycamobile South Africa (Internet Bundles)

We live in a modern era in which everything is handled digitally. Everything is done on phones, tablets, and laptops, even all our office systems and studies have become digital. Everything is updated on the internet, whether it is some new political update, some office rule or some new uni work, everything is on a website, and to view that you need a net connection.

We can get all those updates and can easily view any new info with the help of the data plans that Lycamobile is providing us. Lycamobile South Africa is offering the citizens of the SA with great Data plans that have a lot of amount of GBS and are pocket friendly. From a minimum internet user to an avid one, it has all options.

Even if you are someone who is on tour in South Africa, definitely you would need GPS and some info on all the famous places you would need useful internet. Get yourself a Lycamobile Sim and get any of these data plans that will make your traveling joyful and informational.

It consists of 8 categories and provides from 100 MB to 35 GB internet Data. These all are valid for 30 days, but it depends on you how much you use it.

Below is some best data option you can check them and purchase according to your needs:

PlanPriceDATASubscription CodeValidity
MINI DATA S Plan R 10.00 75 MB internet DATA Dial *139*2701# or text 2701 to 3535 30 days
BIG DATA S Plan R 245.00 7 GB internet DATA Dial *139*2705# or text 2705 to 3535 30 days
MINI DATA M Plan R 19.00 200 MB internet DATA Dial *139*2702# or text 2702 to 3535 30 days
BIG DATA M Plan R 299.00 8 GB internet DATA Dial *139*2706# or text 2706 to 3535 30 days
MINI DATA L Plan R 79.00 1 GB internet DATA Dial *139*2703# or text 2703 to 3535 30 days
BIG DATA L Plan R 399.00 12 GB internet DATA Dial *139*2707# or text 2707 to 3535 30 days
BIG DATA XS Plan R 149.00 3 GB internet DATA Dial *139*2704# or text 2704 to 3535 30 days
BIG DATA XL Plan R 599.00 25 GB internet DATA Dial *139*2708# or text 2708 to 3535 30 days

What is the data plan best for an average internet user?

If you are not an avid internet user, then 8GB to 15GB data plan could be best for you.

Which package has the maximum data options?

BIG DATA XL Plan is the one with the highest data option. But it is also slightly on the expensive side it is for R 599.00.

What is the subscription code for the lowest plan?

The lowest data plan is MINI DATA S Plan, and its subscription code is Dial *139*2701# or text 2701 to 3535.

Terms and Conditions

  • Lycamobile service allows you to make and receive calls, send and receive SMS, and access data.
  • The monthly plan allowance expires at midnight time after the 30th day.
  • They will notify you every time how much you have used your minutes and data.
  • For bundle balance and account info, dial *133# and follow the instructions given.
  • Lycamobile SA national bundles are for SA to SA calls, and any other activity will be charged.

How long will it take to transfer my number to the Lyca network?

It will take almost ten working days to transfer your number. Until then, you can use a Lyca sim.

How can I check my balance?

To check your balance dial *103*100# and press the call button. It is free of cost.

Can I purchase any other plan from the same category while using one?

No, you can’t choose from the same category until 30 days are over, but you can purchase from some other type.

What happens if I enter the wrong pin?

Your sim card will be locked if you enter the wrong pin code three times.

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