Lycamobile UK Data Plans – £3 to £20 Internet Bundles

Lycamobile realizes this basic need of users, and they offer the best and affordable monthly data internet plans, which are as follows. Life without the internet is no more. Everyone must have an internet connection for doing there different sort of work like grow up a business. To connect with people, friends, and family through social media applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. To study and research on many topics.

Even I am writing this article for you through the internet, and you are reading it too. It’s a great source of collective knowledge.

Lycamobile UK Data 5 – £5.00 Plan

If you use the internet less often but need it a whole month so this package is especially for you, plan by Lycamobile to enjoy hassle-free fast internet for 30 days.

Data 5 £5.00 500MB EU Roaming *139*5001# OR 5001to 3535 30 Days

Lycamobile UK Data 7.5 – £7.50 Plan

When your usage a little bit more and want to enjoy fast downloading uploading and browsing at an affordable rate for 30 days so this monthly package suits you.

Data 7.5 £7.50 1GB EU Roaming *139*7001# OR 7001 to 3535 30 Days

Lycamobile UK Data 10 – £10.00 Plan

If you a researcher or a student and need an internet connection in an affordable price range. To study the subjects online and research to write about your relevant topics, subscribe to this affordable data plan of 30 days.

Data 10 £10.00 2GB EU Roaming *139*1001# OR 1001 to 3535 30 Days

Lycamobile UK Data 12 – £12.50 Plan

If you want to be connected all the time. To manage your business or to move around the world. Through social media all the time. Select this monthly offer so you will get the best package in the reasonable price range.

Data 12 £12.50 3 GB EU Roaming Dial *139*1201# or Text 1201 to 3535

Lycamobile UK Data Internet Plans Subscription Via Text/USSD Codes 

To help you get quick subscription information of all these packages above. We enlisted these above offers below in a table with their subscription codes. Check this table below and get the benefit of it.

Data 5 Plan *139*5001# OR 5001to 3535
Data 7.5 Plan *139*7001# OR 7001 to 3535
Data 10 Plan *139*1001# OR 1001 to 3535
Data 12 Plan Dial *139*1201# or Text 1201 to 3535

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