Lebara KSA Data Net Saver 3 Months Plans

A hassle-free long-term Internet plan subscription is for everyone who owns a smartphone. But not everyone in the world has similar data needs as the other person.

In those tricky situations, the idea of having options from which you can choose an Internet plan that is well suited for your needs sounds genius.

Lebara once again has made its customers’ lives easy by introducing multiple plans which come with the 3 Months subscription offer and you can choose from them according to your needs.

My friends you don’t need to waste time on the tedious search for bundles because I have compiled them for you here. Check out the detailed information on each plan below.

Data Net Saver 10GB

PlanPriceInternet DataSubscription CodeValidity
Data Net Saver 10GB 110 SAR 10 GB Dial *777*10000# 85 Days

A data plan has become important as the other necessities of life in today’s smart world. You cannot go through them without finding yourself in need of an Internet connection.

If you are a person who needs the Internet just to stay in touch with the online world then this is the plan for you. This plan offers 10 GB of data which you can enjoy for 3 months.

Now pick up your phone subscribe to this amazing plan and start scrolling and posting on social media, browsing articles of your interest, streaming movies on weekends, and many more amazing fun activities you like to enjoy doing on the Internet.

 Data Net Saver 20GB

PlanPriceInternet DataSubscription CodeValidity
Data Net Saver 20GB 175 SAR 20 GB Dial *777*20000# 90 Days

A good plan with enough data to get you through the long period of 3 months so you don’t have to stress over the expiration date of your plan only adds to the stress of life. Lebara has made it easy for its customers to reduce that stress by introducing this plan.

In this plan you will get 20 GB of data for 3 months which to can use for unlimited activities the Internet has to offer. Now you don’t have to look out for an Internet connection to reply to important emails, browse recipes for special dinners, do extensive research for homework, stream movies for family fun nights, and many more activities you can imagine by subscribing to this plan.

Data Net Saver 50GB+25GB

PlanPriceInternet DataSubscription CodeValidity
Data Net Saver 50GB+25GB 260 SAR 50 GB Dial *777*50000# 90 Days

The Internet nowadays doesn’t only capture the interest of youngsters but it has started to make its way to older citizens too. No one can escape the charm of amazing activities offered by the online world. Whether you are a kid, student, job holder, or retired elderly you will find yourself in need of a fast Internet connection on daily basis.

Lebara offers this plan which takes care of the Internet needs of all ages. In this plan, you will get a total of 75 GB of data for 3 months. Of these 75 GBs, 25 GB of data is dedicated to keeping you connected to social media so you can stay up-to-date with the lives of your loved ones and enjoy unlimited posting, and 50 GB of data is dedicated for Internet browsing, streaming movies, online gaming and all those online activities that have managed to capture your interest.

Data Net Saver 100GB+50GB

PlanPriceInternet DataSubscription CodeValidity
Data Net Saver 100GB+50GB 330 SAR 100 GB Dial *777*01000# 90 Days

Don’t you hate when you have to post something on social media or have to respond to an important email but you forgot to renew your subscription for your Internet plan now you are out of data?

To tackle all those kinds of difficult situations Lebara has introduced a plan with a generous amount of data at the cheapest price with 3 months subscription so you can escape from the needless worries of minor things and stay focused on the main goal of your life.

This plan offers a total of 150 GB of data for 3 months time span. 50 GB of which is dedicated to all the social media platforms so you can upload, download, or scroll through the feeds without running out of data. 100 GB data is offered for all the other Internet activities you can imagine like Internet browsing, online gaming, working online, etc.


What is Lebara’s Credit Transfer Service?

Lebara’s Credit Transfer service will enable you to transfer your credit to another Lebara number in Saudi Arabia.

How can I get the PUK code of my sim card?

Your PUK code can be found on the back of the SIM card holder your SIM card is attached to when first purchased. If you no longer have the packaging you can contact customer services on 1755.

How to Activate Lebara Internet Settings?

As soon as you activate your Lebara SIM, you will receive a SMS with the configurations for the internet settings, then all you will need to do is install the configurations and the internet will be working just fine.

Can I get a new Sim card of my existing number?

Yes, you can get a new Sim card of your existing number from Lebara store or you can order new Sim card VIA Saudi Post.

How can I track my usage?

To get the best experience from your Lebara SIM card, we recommend that you register to our online service called MyLebara.
AT View My Usage You can search previous calls, SMS, data, as well as recharge history over the last 3 months, view it or even download the information for your own records.

How can I activate Voice Mail?

Dial *222*41# then press call to switch on the free Voice Mail Service.

PlanSubscription Code
Data Net Saver 10GB Dial *777*10000#
Data Net Saver 20GB Dial *777*20000#
Data Net Saver 50GB+25GB Dial *777*50000#
Data Net Saver 100GB+50GB Dial *777*01000#

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